Easily Execute Click Through Agreements

Getting customers to sign your contracts can be as easy as sending an email when tracking acceptance through submitting a mobile-friendly click through agreement. As contracting regulations and privacy laws are evolving worldwide, we must stay up-to-date with the quickest ways in which we can gather definitive legal proof of online transactions. 

For example, PactSafe first helped customers address the Safe Harbor issue. Now, with the new general data protection regulation being passed and ratified by EU member nations, we've analyzed the new regulations and have deduced the major risks involved for any organization offering services to or monitoring EU member nations. Organizational moves to comply with these regulations must be made by 2018; click-through agreements are an extremely effective strategy to combat contract execution in the age of the GDPR. 

Better yet, send the contract to your signers via SMS Text Message and boom! You have a signed contract in the matter of seconds it takes to text, "I accept."

Read more about executing click through contracts seamlessly. 

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