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Digital Transformation Is Worth the Investment, Even Now

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How digital transformation allows you to "zig" while everyone else "zags."

While we all find ourselves dealing with the truly unprecedented situation, it is easy to focus only on how to ensure our business, our job, even our economy, survive. At times, it feels like the only thing we can afford to direct our attention to. 

Which is why when our CEO challenged us to think of ways we could “zig while everyone else is zagging” I mentally screeched to a halt. It took all of my willpower to adjust to thinking not only about surviving, but about setting myself up for the aftermath. How can I learn from this? How can I prepare for when this ends (because it will end)? What can I do to thrive? 

The questions I asked myself mirrored (on a micro level) what a lot of businesses are having to go through, now. So, I laid it out in a nifty blog as a guide to considering how digital transformation can enable you to “zig” while everyone else is “zagging.”

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What do I need to get back to baseline? 

Yes, thriving is great, but I had to start with how do I get back, or as close as possible, to my baseline. What do I need to ensure I can achieve the level of productivity I need to be effective in my role and continue to help my team and company? While we are shifting to a remote working environment, it is impossible to ignore the impact of digital transformation on various processes. In today’s world, we have no choice but to adopt digital workflows for things that could have been accomplished in an analog fashion mere months ago.

Find out what you need to achieve your baseline, and ensure that it happens. We are all adjusting to the new normal, and it is ok to ask for what you need to be efficient in your new environment. 

What can I do to improve my efficiency? 

Your job may have changed dramatically, your role may have expanded, your workload may have increased. What processes are not as efficient as they should be? What is holding you back? What relationships with other teams could benefit from better remote collaboration or self-service enablement?  If you are seeing the after-effects of digital transformation being put on the back burner, take note of how that has set you up for success (or not) in light of current challenges. Forrester has even compiled COVID “playbooks” that encourage teams to prioritize projects that will help their company cope with disruptions during this time, even while budget cuts are being encouraged and new project portfolios reduced.  

What will empower me to hit the ground running? 

What can you build now that not only enables your current working environment, but could set you up for continued, sustainable success in the future? We are all being forced to learn a lot more about how we can conduct business with customers, maintain partnerships, and how interdependent we are on other teams within our own organizations. Tools and solutions that enable us in this remote work world have the ability to transform the way we do business going forward. What initiatives would benefit the most? Where could you expand on potential opportunities for partnership? How can you help your business grow in new channels? 

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We have noticed a lot of essential businesses are trying to rapidly implement “digital transformation initiatives” in order to keep pace with increased demand, forge new partnerships that will allow them to deliver goods and services where they are needed, and in an effort to simply keep the doors open as they try to keep business moving. 

Digital transformation is a buzzword, the type of thing I usually hate. However, it aptly describes the need to enable accessible, flexible, and adaptable processes that can support transactions anywhere and everywhere. While the investment in such an initiative may have seemed like a luxury at one time, we are seeing the real impact it can have and the difference it can make for a business. 

Investing in such a process can help you not only in the immediate, short term, but set you up to be a more successful, adaptable organization for the long term. 

Invest in Digital Transformation for Your Business

Digital transformation is worth the investment. Especially now. Especially because with us, that investment could be $0.00. Check out our COVID-19 Contactless contracting and policy response kit that we assembled to help make part of your organization’s digital transformation a little easier. 

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