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The Fastest Contract Execution Possible... now from Salesforce!

We're just now exploring the integrations that are possible with the Contract Execution Platform, and the only problem is that there are so many places to start. We serve legal teams, sales teams, and development teams, so the possibilities are endless as far as productized integrations. Naturally, we turned to our customers and looked at what they wanted to achieve. What resulted was a native integration to Salesforce that allows sales folks to connect your Opportunities to the PactSafe Contract Execution Platform to send contracts for acceptance or esignature.

Sending from Salesforce: 1, 2, 3

The most common question we received about a Salesforce integration was "Do I have to leave Salesforce?" One of our first customers to use the integration is a huge Salesforce shop (over 100 sales reps in their inbound call center) yet had never implemented contracts as part of their selling strategy. Adding contracts needed to be fast, frictionless, and easy to use

We wanted to keep things native to Salesforce, so without leaving the Opportunity we enabled their reps to send a contract for acceptance right from the Opportunities screen and see the real-time results right in line with other important Opportunity info.

It's easy to see the status of contracts that have been sent, and we'll sync the status of your contracts every few minutes. The reps are empowered to send contracts and have them executed in the channel they've attached to the contract—SMS or email.

Any Contact Role on the Opportunity is auto-added as a signer to the Contract:

With 3 simple steps you can get that Contract out the door for execution either via our mobile-friendly click-to-accept or esignature platform OR your prospect can simply reply to an SMS they receive with the word "Agree" to accept the contract:

  1. Add the Signers
  2. Select the Contract template
  3. Send that bad boy for execution!

Of course, you can customize the body of the Contract template or add/redline specific provisions after the contract is sent. Most importantly, your signers can review and execute the contract through one of these beautiful, easy, modern ways:

PactSafe esignature

The Salesforce Data you need—in real-time

Customers drive our businesses, and contracts with customers typically define our business relationships. With Salesforce as the system of record for customer data, we wanted to explore a modern way to leverage that data inside of Salesforce to power contract data. We've now added an "Integrations" section to PactSafe that will allow customers to easily connect their Salesforce instance to PactSafe to populate data inside of a contract:

PactSafe Salesforce Integration

Then, when adding variables to your contract, Salesforce fields will automatically populate in your account to drop into a Contract like so:

PactSafe Salesforce Integration

What happens if your Opportunity data changes? Great question! We've hooked into your Salesforce so that you can re-sync your Opportunities to your contracts in two ways (before you send it and after you've sent it):

Before you send the contract

Before you send your agreement, any time you change data on your Opportunity in Salesforce, we'll automatically sync that information to your contract in real-time. Nothing to see here—it just works.

After you send the contract

Inside of your Request inside of PactSafe, if your Opportunity data has changed after you've sent the Contract, just go into PactSafe and "Pause" your Request and use this fancy new "Sync CRM data" to get everything back up to date:

PactSafe Salesforce Integration

Voila! Up to date data is great data.

Keep track of what's what

Inside of Salesforce, you can use your Request info to keep track of Contracts, unified with Opportunities, to understand where things are in the sales cycle, the status of the Request (if it's been viewed, for example), and when it's expected to close. All the info you need to make decisions within your customer system of record.

Want to learn more?

We'd love to share more—Salesforce integration is available today. Get in touch to find out how you can get it to help your business reimagine contracts!

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