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Letter from our CEO: Why we launched the free Contactless Contracts and Policy Kit

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PactSafe has always been a human-centric organization.

Sounds silly when you write it that way, but it’s true. PactSafe is all about the humans that make up our company. We strive to celebrate and support our employees as people first, both in and out of the office.

As we find ourselves in the midst of this global crisis, it is more important than ever to remember that critical component at the heart of our company. We are seeing amazing examples of humanity at its finest through all of this, and we wanted to do our part. As a result, we have partnered with Taft, Marketplace Risk, and a growing consortium of partners to provide a COVID-19 response kit, powered by our platform, free of charge.

What is the Contactless Contracting and Policy Kit?

PactSafe is offering a free, contactless contract and policy solution for companies facing COVID-19-related workforce and distribution challenges, including free use of our platform with growing library of pre-loaded policy and contract templates. These have been specifically prepared for companies who are trying to accommodate operating as essential services during this crisis.

As the demand for more essential consumer transactions increases, businesses like supermarkets and marketplaces need to hire and onboard more employees and/or contractors quickly and remotely. Even more, employees and/or contractors who work with food, who share space with others, and who work in healthcare, and therefore cannot work from home may need to the ability to review policies relates to workplace safety, and may need to complete symptom surveys at the start of each shift so businesses can continue to protect their workforce and the customers they serve. Our basic contactless contract kit can help solve these problems.

Included in the Contactless Contracts and Policy Kit are:

  • The ability to instantly publish policies and statements online for easy review.
  • The ability to distribute policies, surveys and other agreements for rapid mobile review and acknowledgement.
  • Pre-loaded, attorney drafted templates and self-service contracts and COVID-19 related policies, hosted by PactSafe
  • Rapid sales, employment, and contractor agreements, hosted by PactSafe

Why are we doing this?

PactSafe’s mission has always been to push the limits of contract velocity and volume. That mission takes on greater depth in a time when traditional contracting is no longer feasible, and will only continue to exacerbate the problems facing businesses and employers. The nature of our platform and products provides a unique opportunity to help keep essential businesses not just operational, but also safe.

PactSafe has already helped our customer DoorDash navigate these challenging times, as they ramp up to meet unprecedented demand.

If you are struggling to adapt to new COVID-19 related workforce issues, this free, contactless contract and policy kit can help. Templates written by our partners and our own legal team can help you quickly implement this solution and adjust to new requirements. Of course, you can use your own templates as well. Our platform powers a contactless delivery and signing experience, allowing you to safely and securely conduct business remotely.

If your company is in need of these services, check out this page for more information about how to take advantage of our new initiative.

Brian Powers
CEO, PactSafe

Contactless Contract and Policy Kit

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