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Companies Excelling at Customer Experience (& How to Follow Their Lead)

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Digital shoppers are constantly connected. It’s critical that your company features a customer experience capable of delivering the solutions buyers want, when they want them, and from whichever device they choose to make a purchase. A customer experience transformation has never been more necessary than now.

So, how can you excel at delivering a next-gen customer experience? By following the examples of organizations already doing it: DoorDash and Extra Space Storage.

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How to Improve Customer Service and Create a Seamless Experience

In recent years, there’s been a large-scale push to make transactions more seamless and more digital. The pandemic this year has accelerated this push beyond all recognition, making digital transactions far and away the norm that is here to stay. As a result, customer experience transformation should be considered essential for your organization’s survival.

With millions of people unable to leave their homes due to safety and health concerns, your customers are demanding a seamless online shopping experience that’s flexible enough to satisfy their needs regardless of what their schedule or their home technology environment looks like. At the end of the day, your goal is simple: your customer experience should be upgraded to give buyers more of what they want today: time and safety.

You’re being pushed toward an increasingly digital environment for answers. And the most successful businesses tomorrow will be the ones that give customers a seamless opportunity to shop from the same devices they’re using for work, errands, and pretty much everything else.

So, who’s doing this well?

DoorDash: Seamless Experiences Without Sacrificing Growth

From the beginning,  DoorDash knew it had all the makings of a disruptive startup: rapid growth, healthy profits, and a quality product. But it needed a customer experience transformation to sustain this early success. Without a scalable, seamless online transaction process it would be impossible to continue this impressive growth.

The key to DoorDash’s core business was a sales division responsible for adding new restaurants into the application. Its customers demanded more choice – meaning the organization needed a frictionless online enrollment process to quickly add merchants and make them available to customers without compromising legal risk.

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And guess what? By implementing clickwrap into its enrollment, DoorDash was able to build a scalable process that led to seamless customer experiences. Buyers now have thousands of restaurants to choose from, and DoorDash features an agile and convenient digital transaction.

The combination of self-service clickwrap, online sales forms, and traditional eSignature has greatly benefited DoorDash’s seamless purchase process. Agreements can be delivered to any mobile device, anywhere, at any time – and then affirmative acceptance records are collected and stored in a single source of truth controlled 100% by legal.

For DoorDash, this means a quick, convenient, and satisfying customer experience that doesn’t slow its growth or compromise its legal integrity. But seamless digital interactions aren’t the only way to ensure customer experience transformation success.

Customer Experience Transformation Through Tech

As the world goes remote, we’ve all had to adapt and skill-up in new ways to survive. And it’s no different for the average organization, either. It’s been a big adjustment that has most people working with new technologies like Zoom and Slack – or, at the very least, has them more reliant on remote communication tools than ever before.

Technology and efficiency have replaced face-to-face interaction in many scenarios. But not everyone is prepared to succeed in this digital-first business world. While some organizations may have been ready to hit the ground running, others needed to make major changes to their core strategies first.

If you’re trying to enhance your customer service and take advantage of this shift, you must introduce automation and online-focused sales technology into your customer experience transformation initiatives. Otherwise, you face the potential of lost opportunity that – depending on how long this ‘new normal’ lasts – may never be recovered.

Consider the key actions your customers can perform digitally. And then figure out which current capabilities they desire but you currently lack. For example, a satisfying customer experience should be saved in real-time, synched to the cloud, and able to be picked up from a different device or location to maximize the return on your technology investments.

Extra Space Storage Established the Next Generation of Service

Extra Space Storage understands its customers are hungrier for technology-driven experiences than ever. Online buyers crave a constant stream of new website features, new ways of managing and renting units, and entirely digital products.

So, what has Extra Space Storage done to ensure a successful customer experience transformation through technology? For starters, it has accelerated the digital initiatives present on the organization’s 2020 roadmap.

VIDEO: Interview with CPO Eric Prugh and Extra Space VP of Product Development, James Hafen

Extra Space Storage just wrapped up a major revamp of its operating platform to give buyers a new, online point of sale. The organization has also accelerated development of its new digital strategies and products, giving them an opportunity to turn urgency into future earnings.

The implementation of new technology into its online store has not only enhanced Extra Space Storage’s customer service, but also find new revenue streams. For example, these digital tools have enabled the organization to create rapid rental – an online leasing product – that have opened up the door to new business opportunities going forward.

Enhance Customer Service by Protecting Your Agreements

2020 has shown everyone what the world looks like when businesses are forced to adapt. Some organizations have stepped up their game to become more creative in how they sell, plan, and connect with customers.

Today, customer experience transformation success depends on security. If you can protect your buyers and their online agreements, you’re likely to be seen as the more engaging, easy to work with option – allowing you to leapfrog a lot of stale, stagnant competitors.

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That said, being able to protect your terms and your digital consumers goes far beyond digitizing traditional documenting and data reporting. You need to make safety and security everyone’s job to implement accountable, trustworthy online experiences. Fullstory’s  The State of Digital Experience 2020 report found that the organizations most likely to deliver an ideal digital experience to customers are 31% more likely to involve an executive in these responsibilities.

Your business needs a seamless, secure, and technology-driven customer experience to succeed. Request a demo of our platform now to see why.

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