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Benefits of Collaboration Between Legal and Product at Enterprise

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When it comes to managing contracts and risks on behalf of the whole company, Legal’s house is always in order. But when it comes to evaluating and purchasing software, Legal isn't always on track.

The good news is that there’s a team that has you covered. All you need to do is learn how to work with them.

Product works daily on developing roadmaps, integrating systems, and developing tools to make everything run smoothly. They are a natural partner for you as you look to implement software solutions into your legal processes. Leaning on their expertise could be a life raft rather than just jumping into the deep end of the pool.

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How Product Can Help Legal Evaluate Software

Collaboration is the key. Just because it falls outside of your core role doesn’t mean that you don’t have an internal partner who can help you. Pick Product’s brain on how to evaluate potential solutions for your company, your product, and eventually your end user. Leaning on their support could make the difference between a drawn-out process and a quick fix.

Moving on from legacy systems is going to require you to act and think differently.

The long-term plan becomes more important than the short-term. You’ll need to proactively seek out solutions rather than reactively put out fires as they arrive. As is custom in the Product world, finding opportunities to work more efficiently rather than leaning on the manual processes is critical to success.

Think more like a project manager than as a traditional Legal team.

Think about what you need for the year and beyond and prioritize what resources you need to get there.

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How to Create a Roadmap for Legal Software

Product’s tried and true method of evaluating solutions may be new to you, but it can pay huge dividends down the road. The goal of creating a roadmap for legal software is simple: determine the benefits and scope of implementing new features.

To that end, it’s all about asking the right questions. How valuable is this new addition? What is the expected ROI? Who will be using the software? How much would it change your standing in the market? What kind of resources must be used to develop it and what would the timeframe be?

An effective roadmap will not only evaluate, it will set benchmarks and timelines for implementation. Software requires testing, integrations, and training in order to be fully implemented. If your roadmap doesn’t include that time, you can end up missing deadlines or moving too quickly and causing problems downstream.

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As you become familiar with how Product evaluates potential acquisitions, you increase the likelihood that your new software will be adopted. As the digital age progresses, Legal and Product will need to work closer than ever. When managing online terms, for example, the end product will be the responsibility of both teams. How the terms are presented to the end user directly affects not only the user experience (UX) of the product, but how those contracts can be enforced.

Empowering Legal to Buy Legal Software

You know that Legal needs to find digital solutions in order to be a strategic business unit and to help the growth of the company. What you need now is to be empowered to make the decisions that can help you take that step forward. Thinking in the same language leads to a seamless collaboration and enables Legal to have a real say in purchasing decisions. By putting your house in order, you can better your chances of getting key stakeholders on the same page.

Once those stakeholders see software as the future for legal, your work on the front end will ensure a smooth implementation process.

To learn more about why Legal needs software and how to go about purchasing it, download The Definitive Guide to Buying Software for Legal.

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