Clickwraps That Don't Suck - Edition 2 - The Lego Movie App

We take clickwraps pretty seriously here at PactSafe!  And you should too!  If you click on clickwraps as a consumer, you very likely are agreeing to become a part of a HumancentiPad.  And if you are business with a clickwrap that sucks, well you may already be having super fun times in court.


But being the biggest clickwrap experts pretty much anywhere, we can't help but be in awe of some of the awesome clickwrap agreements we encounter in our quest to click on every legal agreement in existence online (true story).   So without further ado, we present the second edition of:


Recent I really felt like making a lego movie.  And of course, there is an app EXACTLY FOR THAT!  So after I built my lego village, I downloaded the app, and was overwhelmed with excitement at the sheer awesomeness of the impenetrable yet crystal clear clickwrap agreement I was required to accept before filming my masterpiece. 

First, I was presented with this screen:



Ahhhh - well played Lego lawyers!  You must REVIEW the terms first!  I see you working here - click cancel and get thrown out of the app...or click review and this happens:




See what they did there - they MADE ME look at the terms!  No coming back later and saying I never saw those terms. Genius!  Side note, the legal entity that makes Legos is apparently some sort of Danish robot with a serial number:



Anyways, after I have reviewed the legal terms for this app created by a Danish robot corporation like thing, I am taken to yet another screen:




Once again, I am given a choice.  This time, click "Cancel", get thrown out of the app and my Lego village goes to complete waste, or hit "OK" to accept the Term of Use (which I obviously already reviewed per the prior step) and make my Lego village movie masterpiece.  Obviously I clicked "OK", accepted the Terms Of Use, and was given access to the app!

The key takewaways here:

  1. A few steps to make sure people are both reviewing and accepting terms is a solid "belt and suspender" approach.  Nobody can come back and say "yeah I clicked it but never read it."  Even though that argument typically doesn't work, this makes it easier to shut down.
  2. For someone that has already decided they want/ need an app, a few extra clicks the first time the app is use is not going to turn someone away from the app. 
  3. This clickwrap leaves zero doubt or ambiguity that you are in fact accepting legal terms by clicking.
  4. Danish robot corporations are super serious about clickwraps on stop motion movies making apps.

After all that, I was able to create a masterpiece...BEHOLD:


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