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Like sales, the product/technical team is invested in digitally transforming the go to market strategy. Driving transactions within a product or online experience managed by the product team inherently impacts product.

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Product Goal: Digital Transformation of Go-to-Market Strategy

Whereas sales is concerned with how to successfully sell online, product/technical teams care about the actual digital infrastructure that makes this selling possible. This means digitally transforming most if not all aspects of your business. 

The rigid contract workflows that are typically enacted by legal teams will have no place in the digital transformation of a business’ digital assets or product offering. The next step, using the sign mindset, is to use eSignatures or to just digitize paper and pen contracts. But this does nothing to increase speed or the efficiency of the digital experience. Instead, rethink the way you approach contracts inside your app.

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The Signing Mindset vs the Acceptance Mindset

Contracts don’t have to be a process. They can be just as binding when they are agreed to with a click of a button as with a squiggly line. By making the adjustments to your contracting processes accordingly, you can enable your team, and by extension, your entire business, to become far more efficient.

The Signing Mindset is the more traditional, heavily negotiated, high touch way of getting agreements signed. This has a place within every organization: there are simply some agreements that will never be no touch, high volume in nature. These agreement types can benefit from more efficient signing/sending akin to what legacy solutions and CLM can provide, but will never be fully automated or seamlessly accepted with just one click.

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The acceptance mindset, on the other hand, is all about eliminating manual work that goes into standard agreement generation, facilitating a frictionless one step acceptance process, enabling acceptance at a high volume, and automating the tracking/audit process for all accepted contracts.

Applying the Acceptance Mindset to Workflows Inside the Product

The Acceptance Mindset allows you to be more innovative in the way you present agreements in your online agreements. Rather than crafting your experience around a painful way of contracting, do it the other way around. This means driving flexible API solutions that can integrate within your experience. 

This also means setting up their digital infrastructure set up in such a way that allows for seamless online sales. This includes digitally native contracts that will integrate into your online selling process. Using clickwrap can help with this a lot.

Product Agreements that Can Be Automated Using Clickwrap

product clickwrap agreements

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