Clickwrap for Marketing, HR, Procurement, and Channel Team Efficiency

Clickwrap for Marketing, HR, Procurement, Channel-14

Pretty much every department in a company can benefit from implementing clickwrap into their processes. It is a big efficiency lift that allows legal agreements to be the least of their concern, even though everyone uses legal agreements. 

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Four other departments that can benefit from clickwrap agreements are:

  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Channel

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How Marketing Teams Can Use Clickwrap

Marketing is one of the most value-driving departments inside your organization. The Marketing department not only interfaces with prospects before and after they convert into a customer, but it is also the mouthpiece for the messaging of the business and defines for the world what you do. Because of the sheer volume of things Marketing already has to keep track of, a clickwrap solution would be helpful because it takes one more thing off their plate. 

Further, with several data privacy regulations dictating the ways marketing teams can interact with customers and prospects, marketing teams need to ensure that their agreements are being presented in a way that is in keeping with the various regulations. Even more, shifting online interactions will directly impact the website, a traditional marketing asset, will turn it into a shared custody between legal, sales, product, and marketing. 

clickwrap for marketing teams

How Clickwrap Can Benefit Human Resources

Clickwrap can benefit human resources, especially in companies and essential businesses seeking to increase their workforce significantly. We’re in a time where remote work is encouraged, hiring and firing people has to happen quickly and remotely. Especially for companies that have increased their job openings. 

In most businesses, HR manages payroll, onboarding, benefits, education, filing grievances, and recruits new talent. It is HR’s responsibility to ensure that employees understand the organization’s policies and code of conduct and have access to employee handbooks that spell them out in detail. 

However, while HR is well positioned to drive digital change in an organization, HR is one of the slowest departments when it comes time to implement a digital transformation strategy. Likewise, Edupliance found that while “70% of employers use technology for payroll, only about 25% use technology for other HR functions, like education, benefits, and communication.” In short, there is a lot of room to inject digital processes and efficiencies into the HR department, but very few are taking advantage of it. 

clickwrap for hr

A clickwrap can be the beginning of that change. For example, most employers can use clickwrap to power self-service contracting among employees. This way, employees can manage their own information, read through and “sign” employee handbooks, and perform onboarding tasks quickly and efficiently. Without the delays that come with extensive human involvement, the HR department can drive more value to their company by managing time better. 

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Using Clickwrap to Manage Procurement Agreements

A major responsibility for Procurement is essentially contract management: ensuring a company gets what it needs and that vendors meet contractual obligations. Procurement understands the market’s and customers’ needs, and is able to obtain goods and services to serve them. 

Procurement needs to be able to communicate often and efficiently with vendors with whom they do business. In order for Procurement to do its job well, team members must scale the contracting process so that it is smoother, more transparent, and timely. 

Rather than going back and forth with different vendors, sending and re-sending PDFs for consideration, and manually creating sales contracts, the Procurement department would benefit from moving all these regularly sent contracts behind a clickwrap solution. Even better, clickwrap agreements can help the department keep better track of data that can impact and improve business decisions. 

clickwrap for procurement

How Clickwrap Improves Channel Partnerships

Channel partnerships teams connect with external people or organizations who can sell their product on their behalf. There are multiple types of channel partnerships, including but not limited to value added resellers (VARs), system integrators, managed service providers (MSPs), and integrated software vendors (ISVs). Members of the Channel team ensure that the company has excellent working relationships and symbiotic partnerships that are also lucrative. 

Because contracts govern relationships, it is natural that Channel, like Procurement, must manage multiple contracts at once. As a result, your contracting process must be flexible to manage increasing volume and scale with your business. 

If your channel partnerships are efficient and successful, your team is regularly striking deals with other individuals and/or organizations that can distribute your products more widely and increase your customer base. But imagine doing exponentially more business each day without an effective means of contract management. If you do contracting manually, the process is cumbersome: you draft the document, send it out, and if there are no changes to make to the terms, the contract is returned and stored. Not only can this process take months, the potential for error is high and prone to delays. 

clickwrap for channel

Clickwrap agreements offer a more efficient solution for managing agreements, and scales as your number of partners grows. It can accommodate volume while being a seamless part of the way you do business. Further, putting the contracts you use most means spending less time contracting overall.

For a comprehensive study of the ways that your team can use clickwrap agreements to improve business function, download our eBook, 101 Ways to Use Clickwrap.

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