Clickthrough agreements for channel teams: Manage increasing volume (and contracts) with ease

clickthroughforchannelChannel partnership teams connect with external people or organizations who can sell their product on their behalf. There are multiple types of channel partnerships, including but not limited to value-added resellers (VARs), system integrators, managed service providers (MSPs), and integrated software vendors (ISVs). Members of the channel team ensure that the company has excellent working relationships and symbiotic partnerships that are also lucrative.

What stalls partnership advancements: A lack of efficiency in managing contracts

Because contracts govern relationships, it is natural that channel teams, like procurement, must manage multiple contracts at once. As a result, contracting processes must be flexible to manage increasing volume and scale with a business.

Here are types of contracts that can move to a clickthrough agreement, eliminating back-and-forth Word documents and PDFs:

  • Partner agreement
  • Reseller agreement
  • Distributor agreement
  • Supplier Partner agreement
  • Letter of authorization
  • Service agreements
  • Channel compliance agreement
  • Channel partner agreement

Instead of using Word documents or PDFs that introduce back-and-forth between legal teams, place agreements online to be accepted without negotiation

If your channel partnerships are set up for success, your team is regularly striking deals with other individuals and/or organizations that can distribute your products more widely and increase your customer base and revenues. But, imagine doing exponentially more business each day without an effective means of contract management? If contracting is performed manually, the process is cumbersome: The document is drafted, sent out, and if there are no changes to make to the terms, the contract is returned and stored. Not only can this process take weeks or months, the potential for error is high and prone to delays.

A clickthrough agreement offers a more efficient contract management solution that scales as your number of partners grows. It can accommodate volume while being a seamless part of the way you do business. Further, putting the contracts you use most means spending less time contracting overall.



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