Click-through agreements for GDPR compliant scalable consent management workflows

GDPR-clickthrough-headerConsent is a crucial part of complying with the GDPR. Don’t press your luck by not addressing it. In fact, the GDPR will change not only the way companies obtain consent, but also the way they manage it.


Changes to obtaining and managing consent presents a GDPR double whammy!

The regulation is tedious—simplifying the way you track and monitor your consent activities will make it easier. Seamless and scalable workflows are a best practice and key to compliance with the GDPR consent mandate. When designing these workflows consider click-through agreements as a consent collection method for online data privacy terms—and the start of a seamless workflow.

What’s a click-through agreement?

You’ve probably encountered click-through (also called clickwrap) agreements hundreds if not thousands of times already. Click-through agreements are the little box you tick when you agree to terms and conditions or privacy policies on any number of websites. And yes, when done properly they’re legally binding contracts.


^ Have you ever seen something like this?

Use These Click-through/Clickwrap Best Practices for Your Agreements and Terms of Service

Click-through agreements allow the data subject (that’s the person whose personal data you’re collecting) to manifest active consent to the terms of service (ToS) that you, the host, have set out. Properly documenting this consent thoroughly and automatically is essential. Then, click-through agreements also give you the ability to claim that the user had constructive knowledge of the ToS—even if they didn’t actually read what they consented to.

Click-through and Clickwrap as a Unilateral Contract


Seamless Click-through consent workflows lighten the stress of GDPR compliance

With our Consent Management product’s opt-in/opt-out feature you can be confident that you are obtaining active consent. Our platform also allows you to modify consent language to ensure that you are getting specific, complete and distinguishable consent separate from the rest of the ToS document. Under the GDPR you need to make sure that your data subjects have the ability to revoke consent or opt-out. Additionally with PactSafe Consent Management, users have the ability to manage their consent preferences by simply clicking opt-out, which automatically generates a record of their consent withdrawal and triggers your opt-out workflows.


Click-through agreements updates… with a click!

PactSafe helps safeguard your company by allowing you to automatically send emails to subscribers when you update your ToS. This feature coupled with the ability to document what the agreement looked like (like a screenshot) the moment the consent given by the user. If you find yourself in litigation, these features will help you prove that the consent obtained was GDPR compliant at the point of consent.

Click-through agreements are simple to integrate with the PactSafe API and provide comprehensive coverage for your consent needs. Adding the features that PactSafe offers to help you manage your consent will allow you to breathe easy as the GDPR approaches.

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