Click-through Agreements: an Enforceable Strategy to Avoid Online Disputes

Similar to using a clickwrap for signing contracts, clicking or tapping through an agreement in order to sign can also be used in the same way to gain customers acceptance to your website.

This is sometimes referred to as a click-through agreement when the policy is embedded on the page and requires users to scroll through before clicking to accept. Each are versions of clickwrap agreements, and keeping record of their completion will save you from online disputes!  

If implemented correctly, when a customer or potential customer searches your company’s website, the first thing they should see is a clickable checkbox to click as an indication that they agree to the terms of your website. Enforcing click-through agreements for online terms acceptance aids both the customer and the business; the customer is notified of the security protocols of the website and the business can stop any customer who attempts to go against what their terms of service state.

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