Build digital, automated HR document flows with clickwrap agreements

hr-clickthroughIn most businesses, HR manages payroll, onboarding, benefits, education, filing grievances, and recruits new talent. It is HR’s responsibility to ensure that employees understand the organization’s policies and code of conduct and have access to employee handbooks that spell them out in detail. Too much of this process, however, is still conducted manually because "that's how it's always been done." Is there room for HR to drive digital change? YES! In this post, we'll show you how.

While HR is well-positioned to drive digital change in an organization, a 2018 Futurum study finds that alongside legal and finance, HR is one of the slowest departments when it comes time to implement a digital transformation strategy.

Likewise, Edupliance found that while “70% of employers use technology for payroll, only about 25% use technology for other HR functions, like education, benefits, and communication.” What does this tell us? There is a lot of room to inject digital processes and efficiencies into the HR department, but very few are taking advantage of it.

How does a clickthrough agreement help HR departments?

Here’s a quick refresher on clickthrough agreements: You know iTunes’ mile-long terms and conditions that end with you clicking a check box?


Yeah, it kind of looks like that.

Generally, a clickthrough is a box or a checkmark by which users can easily accept online legal agreements. Most people think of the clickthrough as a legal application since they encounter clickthroughs mainly in a legal context (“Check this box to accept our Terms and Conditions”). However, the potential applications for clickthroughs go well beyond legal and extend into other departments in your business.

Most employers use clickthrough agreements to power self-service contracting among employees. This way, employees can manage their own information, read through and “sign” employee handbooks, and perform onboarding tasks quickly and efficiently. Without the delays that come with extensive human involvement, the HR department can drive more value to their company by managing time better and implementing culture-enhancing initiatives.

Here are some HR contracts that can move to a clickthrough solution (meaning, taking manual tasks off YOUR plate):

  • Onboarding
  • HR Policies
  • Harassment
  • EEO
  • Time off
  • Employee Handbook
  • Benefits enrollment

How this software company’s HR department uses clickthrough for end-to-end policy management

Tibco, a software company that provides integration, analytics and event-processing software for companies to use on-premise or as part of cloud computing environments, implemented a clickthrough solution for end-to-end policy management. Now, rather than manually presenting agreements to employees, Tibco has a single, fully automated portal for all its internal and external policies. 

Build an HR document process that's digital and automated



What takes more time: Sending a contract to every single employee to acknowledge a company handbook, or simply having them click 'I agree' on a standard link? Our modern signing solutions are cutting acceptance and onboarding times by up to 80% for HR teams. Find out why today

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