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Becoming Self-Service eBook: A New Guide for Enterprise Tech

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For enterprise businesses trying to adapt to the climate of the day, serve customers better, and enable internal efficiency, the time for self-service is now.

Digital transformation of customer experience

The needs of the customer are changing, becoming increasingly immediate and remote. Businesses that are digital-first are already adapting their workflows and agreements to the higher or otherwise changed volume of business. Consumers looking for a solution have even less time to wait, and even less time for user experiences full of friction. This is true for both B2C and B2B buyers. 

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Digital transformation of internal workflows

In order to serve your customer, prospect, or user better, you need to have efficient workflows that will enable efficient fulfillment. Legacy processes like traditional eSignature and manual contract flows, for example, won’t let you move as quickly as you need to while staying efficient. For one, they aren’t digital-first, and agreements like Terms of Service and Privacy Policy would need to be presented to your user inside the product.

Successful self-service flows encourage cross-functional collaboration and alignment between departments like Product and Legal and depend on innovative ways of thinking about the problem and working on a solution.

eBook: Becoming Self-Service: What Enterprise Tech Needs to Know

In our eBook, we address the need for self-service flows, and provide actionable insight for implementing it in your business. 

Our eBook covers some of the following questions:

  • Is B2B self-service a feasible approach for your complex enterprise business?
  • What process or tech inefficiencies prevent you from embracing self-service flows, and how can you pivot to bridge the gap?
  • How can contracts - and a healthy, diverse contract ecosystem - be a help and not a hindrance in implementing flows?
  • How can Product work with Legal to manage online terms without impeding on user experience?

It helps you identify some of the hurdles to becoming self-service, like reliance on manual processes, siloed departments and functions, and outdated contract processes. It also provides a framework for thinking through the obstacles, like improving your contract ecosystem and giving Legal a seat at the table. 

It’s time to get critical: what processes are holding you back? What do you need to be more efficient? 

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