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AVG challenges industry with one-page online privacy policy

Online security company, AVG® Technologies, released a one-page online privacy policy as a way to provide first-time customers with the opportunity to be notified of AVG’s commitment to their users via comprehensible text.

AVG CEO, Gary Kovacs, pledged for a safer Internet for everyone back in March while delivering the keynote address at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Trust is a barrier within many of the most prevalent B2C relationships, and Kovacs wanted AVG to pioneer the bridging of that gap.

Chief Legal Office at AVG, Harvey Anderson, said, “without privacy online, there can be no security, and without security, there can be no trust.”

This simpler, more transparent notification of website terms allows over 200 million monthly users to feel clued into the choices they are making while using the AVG products.  

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AVG’s one page online privacy policy does well in regards to:

  • Clear, conspicuous notice of terms at the top of the page (plus all the press they are doing shows that they clearly want their users to be in-the-loop)
  • Having enforceable terms
  • The reader-friendly approach includes what users need to know and the opportunity to read more or watch a video about their choice to switch up privacy agreement styles
  • Avoiding legalese so that their legal docs appeal to everyone! Not just a legal team

AVG's reader-friendly website terms

It’s not like there still aren’t some questionable aspects about the online agreement; AVG still collects user data, and still uses it to interact with different services connected to their product, but, we have to give them props for putting it out in the open, in plain language that is approachable for the everyday user.

Options on how to opt-out of having your information aggregated will be introduced when the privacy policy goes live on October 15.

The new policy goes live October 15This is a huge step for online agreement management and wouldn’t be bad news if other companies followed suit. The thing about it is that, not only does explicit notice of website terms give your customers a clue, but it also helps you, and should be taken seriously.   

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