TRUSTe partnership with PactSafe in summary

Dec 7, 2015 11:57:33 AM

TRUSTe_logo_rgb.jpgToday marks the announcement of PactSafe's partnership with TRUSTe to help companies manage challenges of implementing Model Contract Clauses and remain compliant with EU data protection laws. 

Once appropriate model contracts are identified for companies in need of solutions to their privacy and operational struggles, PactSafe and TRUSTe work together to streamline the process. PactSafe handles contract distribution through our automated contract management tools while TRUSTe provides a full privacy assessment against the EU Data Protection Directive. 

Taking place on December 8 is the premier event on the U.S. West Coast to address the effects of the Safe Harbor ruling and the business impact of proposed changes to the EU General Data Protection Regulation. 

PactSafe is excited to begin this partnership with TRUSTe and be present at the premier event tomorrow. 

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Amber Ferrari

Written by Amber Ferrari