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5 ways the E-Warranty act can Save Your Business Money

The E-Warranty Act of 2015 eliminates the longstanding requirement that product warranties must be printed and included inside of a product's packaging. While the E-Warranty Act can do a lot for your business, the primary benefit to businesses is cost reduction associated with printing and product packaging. However, there are some additional areas in which the E-Warranty Act can save your business money.

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5 SaaS Trends to Watch in 2017

While numerous SaaS companies were busy earning praise this year and being honored on lists like “The Best Business Products of 2016”, much is left to conquer within the world of SaaS this New Year.

These five SaaS industry trends in particular, will be on the rise throughout 2017. Put them on your watch list as we embark on another innovative year.

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What is the e-Warranty Act?

As the name implies, the e-Warranty Act of 2015 allows businesses to comply with certain consumer product warranty rules and regulations with printing those warranties on actual paper - hence the term "e-Warranty." To understand what the e-Warranty Act actually is, lets dive into what it looked like for a business to provide warranties for consumer products prior to the e-Warranty Act.

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9 Last-Minute Gifts for the Tech Lover on Your List

With 2016 nearing year-end and holidays coming at us from all angles, it's hard to find time for gifting friends and family with memorable items. Here are some spectacular last-minute techy gifts that will be sure to wow every person on your list.

One Less Thing for E-Commerce Developers to Code This Holiday Season

Finding a cool tech gift for the developer on your list is hard enough, yet alone figuring out what they want in their world of coding.

At PactSafe, we spend a large amount of our time thinking about this. The fact of the matter is that no matter how cool a software idea is, if implementation is a hassle—developers are not going to be sprinting towards adoption.

See what shortcuts developers were taking last holiday season. 

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Is Your E-commerce Checkout Flow Secure?

Sales terms that easily embed into ecommerce checkout flows provide an easy route to recording affirmative acceptance from online users.

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10 Legal Tech Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

We scoured Twitter for our favorite legal and legal tech social accounts to share. Get your knowledge on with these bright tweets by following today!

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