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How can clickwraps help your business?

Knowing what clickwrap and browsewrap agreements are and how they function is a step in the right direction when it comes to wrapping your mind around one-click agreements. Understanding why those agreements can benefit your business, though? That requires digging a little deeper.

Clickwraps can function on your website when it comes to enforcing your online terms, but also serve as a contracting tool and the easiest way to sign. If you don’t think clicking-to-sign is worth your time, check out this case and the reality of how words really can go a long way.

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4 ways trading paper contracts for eSignatures will change how you work

Organization is vital to success. We are always looking for ways to communicate better, maintain focus, and collaborate efficiently. Closing deals is how you make money; however, trying to make money amidst disorganization is chaotic. 

Automation is the root of of organization because you don't have to think about it. What would you do if the contracts you created and signed were safely filed away for you?

Trading paper contracts for eSignatures can help you get there, AND it will completely change the way you work.

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Exactly how legal is my eSignature?

While we definitely can’t vouch for all eSignature platforms, PactSafe Transact is our Signature Acceleration Platform that certainly renders a legal signature.

How do we know that? We like to follow laws!

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eSignatures: up close & personal

There are a lot of misconceptions about eSignatures; some rumors say they aren’t legally binding or that using online signature platforms creates extra work for users. What’s true? What’s not? Let’s clear the air by getting down and dirty with these common questions.

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PactSafe’s evolution to become the Signature Acceleration Platform

Yesterday was a big day for PactSafe as we launched Transact, our new “click-to-sign” product that allows businesses to quickly and easily get contracts signed with one click. It's a big step for us, and a very calculated one that was driven by one thing - it's what our customers wanted.

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PactSafe launches ‘Transact’ to accelerate and transform the way businesses send, negotiate and sign contracts.

Transact speeds up the painful process of getting contracts signed with the fastest eSignature solution available.

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