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7 start-up killers to consider for managing risk

Managing risk is not an easy feat in any company. One big decision can make or break an entire business' success. When considering entrepreneurship especially, you run the risk of overlooking key priorities that could leave a mess you don't want to deal with.

Familiarize yourself with the following start-up killers. Manage risk early and often!

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Online contract management, loyalty, and the Cloud

Call of Duty, Jury Duty, Carpool Duty, Civic Duty...all things that garner very specific opinions from people…  

But, what about The Duty of Loyalty? In corporate law, The Duty of Loyalty involves corporate directors having the legal responsibility to avoid conflicts of interest. The business comes before personal interest.

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5 things you need for your startup's Terms of Service

If you have a tech startup, whether you are selling specialty shoes or have a cool new SaaS product, you'll need a good Terms of Service for your website, product or app. Your Terms of Service should be like any other contract you would have with a customer — it should define the business and legal relationship between you and the customer. Here are 5 things that any Terms of Service should have.

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6 ways legal is changing for the better

In an industry that has always seemed pretty set in its ways, many will be happy to hear that the legal industry is gaining some flexibility. Whether you are a lawyer, teach law students, are in law school, develop legal software, work with lawyers, or are married to one, this article will get you excited about the ways legal is changing for the better. 

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AVG challenges industry with one-page online privacy policy

Online security company, AVG® Technologies, released a one-page online privacy policy as a way to provide first-time customers with the opportunity to be notified of AVG’s commitment to their users via comprehensible text.

AVG CEO, Gary Kovacs, pledged for a safer Internet for everyone back in March while delivering the keynote address at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Legal trends: why they're just as much about people as technology.  

The paradigm shift within legal is huge right now; innovation and simplification of everyday processes are being turned over to technology, law schools are implementing these practices early on, and lawyers are freaking out.

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Delaware is serious about website Privacy Policies. Who's compliant?

It's not just online retailers or SaaS companies that need to worry about conspicuous posting of terms online anymore. If you're collecting consumer data in some states, you're required by law to have your privacy policy posted clearly, conspiciously, and out-in-the-open.

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30 million reasons to be careful updating website Terms and Conditions

Earlier this year we wrote about the Safeway class action lawsuit, and how it is a perfect example of why updating / modifying your website terms and conditions should be done in a methodical way. To recap:

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8 legal terms to know for doing business online

Since arriving at PactSafe headquarters, there have been multiple terms thrown out there leading me to stare blankly at our COO, Eric, and say, “Eric…I have no idea what that means…” Which is typically followed by a chuckle and a thorough explanation on what the heck is happening.
Often times, however, I’ve found that I know exactly what our PactSafe team is talking about — I just never knew any of these things had names!
While making this realization, I considered that some of our digital legal soldiers out there may be struggling with similar situations.

This article will act as a quick guide to digital legal terms and point you in the right direction for doing business online.

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