After the terms of service: How clickthrough can transform your enterprise business

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As your business digitally transforms towards better customer experience, optimized processes, and an increase in revenue, the legal department must transform as well. The solution is clear: clickthrough agreements. With clickthroughs in place, your process for onboarding and serving new customers is smoother, more modern, and more compliant. 

Your employees hate your current contracting process

While clickthrough agreements have streamlined your terms of service agreement process, the rest of your organization is still needlessly exhausting time and resources managing contracts.

  • According to a 2016 IACCM study, the average cost of poor contracting is 9.2% of an organization's annual income
  • 83% of employees dislike their internal contracting process
  • Two out of three in-house legal teams say that they spend too much time on "high-velocity" contracts

With so much time being spent on drafting, sending out, marking up, waiting for, and filing contracts, your business is not operating at peak efficiency. And that defeats the entire purpose of your digital transformation overhaul.

Contracts for the consumer-driven era


Clickthrough solutions scale with your digital transformation strategy

Just as it did for your terms of service agreement, a clickthrough solution can help streamline your contracting process as it is applied to other agreements throughout the business. For example, agreements that are sent out regularly to customers or employees—NDAs, SLAs, onboarding docs, and more—can be quickly sent and accepted via a clickthrough agreement. By putting your most frequently-used contacts behind a clickthrough, businesses can eliminate red lines, check updates, and do data triage. This further frees up time for employees to spend on innovation.

          Our consumer-driven, “right-now” economy has zero tolerance for unwieldy, time-consuming processes. As a result, contracts must also evolve from time-consuming processes to right-now methods. 

The Formstack example

 Formstack, a Cloud 100 company, embedded clickthrough agreements into their app to scale acceptance to 500K+ customers. As a robust platform data management platform, Formstack helps users of all industries better engage with their customers. Formstack performs a high volume of online transactions with their customers through a free trial sign-up and online subscription payment. Each time a transaction was executed, some language referenced their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, but there was no record or contract stored for each customer. When legal disputes came into play when those terms need to be enforced, it required reviewing when the user signed up, then proving what terms were in place that day.


In order to more efficiently track and manage who agreed to what contract when they signed up, Formstack implemented PactSafe’s clickthrough repository inside its website. Implementation was fast and simple, taking less than a day. The JavaScript library plugged directly into its clickthrough contract API, where all transactions are tracked just as if customers had signed a contract.

The ultimate benefits to the business are clear. By putting more agreements into a clickthrough in various locations, companies can transform not only just initial SaaS contracts, but also the rest of the legal department.

PactSafe Knows Clickthrough

PactSafe's clickthrough solution allows you to update and track acceptance of your legal contracts. We understand the intricacies of how clickthrough agreements can optimize your digital transformation. Learn more about how to attend to the legalities of your digital transformation in our white paper: Arm Your Digital Transformation with Clickthrough Agreements

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