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Accept Contracts via SMS with PactSafe

We’ve pioneered how contract execution is presented and tracked inside web and mobile apps, and we’re coming 'atcha today to help you find the best features to streamline your own workflows to follow suit. PactSafe's contract execution platform helps eliminate friction by engaging customers how and where they want. One feature completely unique to PactSafe that guides this strategy is SMS contract execution.

Read on about the SMS feature or dive deeper into Innovative eSignature alternatives for Developers on ProgrammableWeb.  

A common misconception in the electronic signature universe is that a contract can only be signed digitally in the U.S. by “DocuSigning” the agreement in document form. Not the case. Contracts can be executed by email, SMS, click-through, and more. At PactSafe we’ve built an API for developers to explore completely native, innovative ways to execute agreements and it’s high time we think the UX and development folks should decide how and when contracts are executed—not the eSignature providers.

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Accept contracts via SMS

SMS is an amazing way to capture acceptance of a contract that you wouldn’t typically think about when looking to embed esignature processes into your app. The same way an eSignature can exist as a binding contract, replying to an SMS message with “Accept” or “Agree” acts much of the same legalway for almost all agreements.

With PactSafe, we offer a multi-channel “Signature Request” Dashboard and API that allow you to choose a method for delivery and, in some cases, acceptance for an electronic signature. You can embed a signature pad on a document, present a simple “accept” button, or send an SMS that will accept an “Agree” response and complete the contract in real-time.

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Sending and signing contracts on-the-go with text-to-execute contracts fulfills the same standards that make clickwrap agreements fully enforceable and binding.

See here:



Not comfortable with that just yet? No worries. PactSafe allows customers to open up the link and sign on a mobile device like a regular contract, too. 

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About PactSafe: 

PactSafe is the only contract execution platform that automatically manages all of your contract data and enables custom processes that deliver seamless execution for your customers and internal teams to ensure confidence in your end-to-end contract experience. 

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