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A Salesperson's Guide to Beating Growth Goals: A New PactSafe eBook

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Keeping up with constantly accelerating customer demands is a challenge. Now that we have instant access to online channels from virtually anywhere, we’ve come to expect that the products and services we want will be available at the drop of a hat. For sales teams, this creates enormous pressure to continue performing at record-breaking speeds just to meet expectations.

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But not every aspect of the sales cycle is within the sales team’s control. Contracts are notorious for holding up the process due to systemic inefficiencies, and sales representatives often have no option but to watch as prospects lose interest and walk away.

As demands for convenience continue to grow, customers will have a lower tolerance for lengthy sales cycles. You need to adjust the way you approach contracts to meet (and ideally exceed) expectations. With modern contracting technologies, a better solution is within reach, although there are a few obstacles you’ll need to overcome along the way.

This guide will walk you through the four roadblocks between your current sales cycle and a customer-friendly contracting ecosystem – and explain how to overcome them.

Four Common Roadblocks in Sales Contracts

The ultimate goal of every sales department is to meet customers’ needs throughout every step of the buying process. But today’s sales teams face four common roadblocks due to traditional contracting methods that prevent them from delivering the experience customers expect.

These roadblocks slow down the sales cycle, hurt profits, and generate ineffective agreements. These roadblocks are:

  • Lack of Automation
  • Pen and Paper/Traditional eSignature
  • Treating Personalized and Standardized contracts the same
  • Expensive contracts.

Companies can remove obstacles by dividing contracts into standardized and personalized agreements and assigning modern contracting methods like clickwrap and dynamic eSignatures. With the introduction of automated processes, sales representatives face less friction and can close deals faster at a lower cost.

Most importantly, automated sales contracts are the key to delivering closed deals quickly, efficiently, and repeatedly, unlocking the door to continued growth at scale.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why traditional signing methods aren’t serving your sales team
  • How much companies are losing on ineffective contracting
  • Why you should distinguish between standardized and personalized contracts
  • Where to incorporate automation into your contract ecosystem

Download our eBook, A Salesperson's Guide to Beating Growth Goals: Contracts that Close Faster

A Salesperson's Guide to Beating Growth Goals: Contracts that Close Faster - eBook Download

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