A Great 2016. An Even Better 2017 on Deck

PactSafe-LogoMark-StandardBlue-Small.pngEarlier this week we sent out a press release detailing some of the great momementum we experienced in 2016. And what a year it was! Some of the highlights include:

  • Adding over 100 new customers, all of whom are using our platform to tranform how contracts are used in their business.
  • We grew from a team of 4 to a team of 12 of the smartiest, saviest, hardworking people you'll ever find.
  • We've processed millions of digital legal events from websites, mobile apps, connected devices, electronic signatures....and more!

The most exciting progress, though, is how our solution has evolved from an API and Legal System of Record for Saas and eCommerce, to a platform that empowers any business to make contracts a more fluid and seamless part of their business. Most of this evolution has been driven by our awesome customers and their appetite to ditch the digital-paper-pushing that dominates the electronic contracting world.

We hear customers describe our platform as allowing them, "to fundamentally transform their contract processes" or, "allowing us to pivot quickly as things are changing" all of the time.  When we hear stuff like that, it inspires us...which is why 2017 will be our biggest year yet.  

We'll continue to roll out new ways for contracts to become a more fluid part of any business in 2017.  Just today, we launched the ability for contracts to be sent and accepted via SMS, something we are rolling out specifically for a few of our call-center customers. That trend will continue all of 2017...empowering business to easily contract wherever they are engaging their customers, employees, partners, vendors and more. Stay tuned!

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