9 Last-Minute Gifts for the Tech Lover on Your List

With 2016 nearing year-end and holidays coming at us from all angles, it's hard to find time for gifting friends and family with memorable items. Here are some spectacular last-minute techy gifts that will be sure to wow every person on your list.

1. Ring

“See who’s there, from anywhere.” This wide angled HD video doorbell camera sends you a recording of who is at your door even when you’re not home! It’s also a great Netflix binging ally. Hear the doorbell ring? Check your phone and see who it is without moving a muscle. Couch potato #goals.

2. Bluetooth Tracking Tag


Tag this baby onto anything and be able to locate it using bluetooth! Wood faced and stylish, what’s there to lose? Nothing! Because you’ll have this tracker. Now just try not to misplace your phone.

3. Pocket DJ Mixer


Plug into a headphone jack of a laptop, phone, or any other player and mix some beats! It’s portable, which is an instant win compared to carrying around a massive traditional mixing board. Great for spicing up any occasion, recommended at baby showers and home talent shows.

4. Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re camping, hiking, boating, grilling out, or sitting by the pool, there’s one key ingredient that almost always makes the experience better, and that’s music. Except, letting an expensive speaker bask in the sun is never short of an anxiety-inducing event. Until now. This speaker is
made to be out in the sun. In fact, it can’t operate unless it does. Problem solved! Save the planet by playing more music.

5. Daydream View Virtual Reality Headset

virtual reality.pngBored with playing video games? Well now you can be the video game. This virtual reality headset brings you right into the action of different games and environments from the comfort of your own home.

6. Amazon Echo-Dot (2nd Generation)

alexa.pngGet access to your favorite household and office helper, Alexa, from any room! These are all the rage right now and even connect to fans, lights, garage doors, and pretty much any smart thing you can think of. The new shiny silver of the 2nd gen Echo-Dot is also a fun feature.

7. NES Classic Edition

With this amazing all-in-one NES Classic, you can throwback every day. Over 30 games available when you plug this into your TV with an HDMI cable. Three words: Super. Mario. Bros.

8. Spectacles

Share videos on snapchat from your very own perspective using Spectacles. Press a button and make an instant snap just by wearing these specs.

9. Innoo Tech Oil Diffuser

This fan is designed to mist your favorite oils to help prevent dry air, germs, chapped skin, and promote a calm atmosphere. This particular model’s LED light changes colors and comes with e-books to help tailor the ambiance to your personal preference.

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