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8 user-friendly resources for every stage of online contract management—PART 2

Our first edition of “8 user-friendly resources” highlighted online legal software that was pretty well-known. Maybe you haven’t used the previous tools yet, but with legal technology and innovation on the rise, there’s a chance you’ve heard of them.

Crazy as it sounds, there are even more apps and services out there just waiting to assist all contractual matters. From writing to signing to managing contracts. PactSafe knows how tedious that legal process can be and will be the first to tell you that it can and should be simplified!

8 user-friendly resources for all stages of online contract management— PART 2

Less paper, more Cloud storage. That’s what it’s there for!

So, get to stepping. See which of these tools fits your fancy and work towards smarter, better, faster, stronger online contract management. 


Launched in 2014, Eris enables lawyers to work with their clients to build smart, legal contracts and streamline the business process. It helps establish transparency within an organization’s legal, which PactSafe is all about!


Ink is dedicated to making contracts not suck. Love that. Freelance, customizeable contracts can be built on Ink with their walk-through process in minutes.


Creating the legal documents comes first, but checking in with a lawyer about its contents is just as important. Kabuk is a legal match-making tool that allows your company to find a lawyer when you need it, fast! Sometimes you need a legal eye. Kabuk helps you get that for however long or short you may need it.


Get Clerky to get your paperwork out of the way and go back to building your business. It features a forms library, advanced document assembly, e-signing and storage for your legal documents.

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PrivacyPal is a Chrome extension that reads online Terms and Conditions so you don’t have to. Knowing what you’ve agreed to amongst all of the online services your business is bound to use is important, but I would suggest using this Chrome extension to check out your own online legal terms as well. Does your very own site have loopholes in its legal?? I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: check yourself before you wreck yourself!


Speaking of loopholes, LawGeex makes sure there aren’t any that you are missing before you sign a contract. This contracts analytics tool compares your legal document to thousands of others in our database revealing what’s common, what’s unusual, and what’s missing. Legalese is translated into plain English, so you’ll know what you’re signing...I’ve heard that suggestion somewhere before


What’s cool about ClauseMatch is that it is a contract-collaboration tool. This Saas platform dismisses the lengthy, drawn-out process of document creation and analysis by the parties involved.


A set of standard contracts, checklists and clause libraries for attorneys created from the analysis of thousands of executed agreements, gives you market language, common alternatives, and the latest academic research to apply to all of your contract needs.

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