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8 user-friendly resources for every stage of online contract management

Paper trails, drawn out document drafting, lost records, mullets, and cargo shorts are all on the out. (Sorry, dads!) Writing, signing, and managing contracts should not be as complicated as it is often made out to be. These useful online tools are all easy-to-use and take online contract management to new heights.

Starting a business? Already have one? Moving from paper to digital? Check out these websites and apps...soon!

8 resources for online contract management

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FindLaw provides businesses with forms, checklists, contract templates, and more to kick-start whatever legal action they need accomplish. Whether that means building, sustaining, or even dissolving a business, FindLaw can point users in the right direction — document previews included! It is also an online source for legal information with tools to ask online lawyers a question on the spot.


Docracy is a home for contracts and other legal documents, socially curated by the communities that use them. It gives you a template for the “as close to perfect as you can get” document before applying your business’ information and making it into contract-gold. Documents are free to download, customize, store, and e-sign.


Collaborate with clients online to complete and later manage contracts. Negotiate, edit, and sign while using Contractually too! It’s another awesome tool that indicates paper to paper agreements are on the out.


Who doesn’t want their legal documents to zoom? That’s the real question. The name is fitting, because that’s exactly what LZ does — helps you start a business and manage family matters faster than ever. Low dollar prices grant users access to trademark applications, living wills, file bankruptcy, and even the changing of your name. All services provide a lawyer and tax professional for assistance and reference.

Make your contract provisions enforceable


Shake is an app giving users accessibility to accept a variety of signed forms — freelance agreements, buy, renting, loaning agreements, and even DJ agreements among others! Best part about it? It’s FREE for mobile download.


CudaSign (previously known as “SignNow”) ends the paper chase with its online signature service. Collect signatures, store signatures, search for signatures when you need them, repeat. Truly that simple. It is the top-rated mobile app for e-signatures and starts at $1 a month. Easy and affordable for a top-rated tool!


Host your terms on a branded microsite. Track the versioning of all of your agreements. Send customers automated notifications when online documents are updated. It’s way more than an e-signature; it’s the organization and tracking of all online agreements that ever exist on your site. And the first 30 days are FREE.


Multiple documents on multiple devices: TinderBox brings everything together with automation, delivery, and tracking of contracts, proposals, and even presentations. This is a great tool for saas companies who have several calls with customers a day, are updating contracts, presenting new information, and proposing deals all in a day’s work. 

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