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6 Ways to Remove Friction from the Sales Process

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The faster and the more you sell, the better your company does. So, it makes sense that sales velocity is a critical success measurement for pretty much every salesperson out there.

But what happens when your selling methods grow outdated? What factors can impact and increase sales velocity most? What does friction look like? And – most importantly – how do you remove friction from your sales process once it happens?

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Here are 6 ways to remove friction from the sales process.

How to Remove Friction from Your Sales Process

No two businesses manage their sales process or sales cycle the same way. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t several problem areas where friction is most likely to arise. So, let’s explore what friction looks like – and how to effectively remove friction from sales processes.

1. Remove Ad Hoc Processes

An undefined sales process adds time to your deals and creates confusion at each step. A lack of standardization invites friction and uncertainty into your sales process. And without a clear picture of what each stage involves, technology only makes things worse.

How to Remove the Friction:

  • Define and document each step of your sales process
  • Map your entire sales process
  • Put metrics in place and understand why they’re important
  • Regularly review your pipeline

2. Lack of Account Prioritization

Sales success requires strategy. Less-sophisticated teams don’t prioritize who they target or which accounts they pursue – leading to friction-filled sales cycles that move at a snail’s pace. And that doesn’t help anybody involved.

How to Remove the Friction:

  • Create and understand your ideal customer profile/persona/segment
  • Build a sales process more closely aligned to solving your customers’ pain points
  • Leverage data-driven sales technologies to determine which accounts are most likely to buy.

3. Make Your Contracts More Efficient

In any enterprise deal, most of the friction is the result of slow, legacy contracting processes. The longer each step takes to complete, the longer it takes for a deal to close. And an agreement that takes weeks or months to close obviously doesn’t do much to increase sales velocity.

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How to Remove the Friction:

  • Implement a simple, easy, and fast contract acceptance workflow
  • Standardize terms and agreements wherever possible
  • Implement clickwrap agreements to meet your customers where they prefer to shop

4. Pay More Attention to the Funnel 

Even the best salespeople may not be able to impact your win rate if you’re only focused on bottom-of-the-funnel activities. Your sales funnel needs to ensure smooth sailing all the way through each stage to be successful.

How to Remove the Friction:

  • Educate your potential customers by highlight their most important pain points and how you can help solve them
  •  Leverage technology to improve your lead nurture process
  •  Tailor your buyer journey to how individual buyers are responding to your outreach
  •  Explore upsell/cross-sell opportunities as well as referrals whenever possible

5. Increase Deal Size

You can’t just increase how much your product or service costs because you feel like it. If you’re just increasing prices or thinking purely from a costs or features point of view, your sales process will feature so much friction it’ll be difficult to even get things started.

How to Remove the Friction:

  • Sell value – not features or benefits
  • Consider discounts as a strategic tactic that is seldom used
  • Structure your discount process based off accurate data and industry best practices
  • Give sales leaders insight into the discounting process whenever it’s used
  • Upsell/cross-sell current customers wherever possible.

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6. Increase the Number of Qualified Opportunities

It’s easy to understand that more qualified opportunities leads to increased sales velocity. But that doesn’t mean you should stuff your pipeline with any deal you can find. Because – in many cases – not knowing which agreements are worth your time to pursue creates more friction than not having enough in the first place.

How to Remove the Friction:

  • Follow up with all leads within five minutes of their conversion (build real-time response process to ensure this happens)
  • Add live chat features to your website to engage prospects as they browse
  • Provide engaging content rather than a sales pitch – especially early on

Increasing sales velocity by removing friction from any sales process is easier said than done. But it’s not impossible. For more tips on how to remove friction from your sales process, starting with your contracts, check out our eBook, A Salesperson's Guide to Beating Growth Goals: Contracts that Close Faster.

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