6 E-Commerce Companies Succeeding in Cool

We love e-commerce and the everchanging products/services being made available to consumers like us! New e-commerce efforts are emerging so often, it's difficult to keep up. Here are 6 e-commerce companies that we think are doing some pretty cool stuff.

1. Tasters Club


Whiskey, Tequila, Rum, oh my! Taster's Club is a subscription service bringing a surprise brand of your choice spirit right to your door each month. This club goes beyond providing products from their curated list of "must have" liquor by also providing background of each with unique educational information.  

2. BarkBox


Dog parents out there sometimes go a little far on the side of spoiling their furry companions. BarkBox supports that, and we love it! Each BarkBox is loaded with 4 to 6 toys and healthy treats for your canine family members. Pup treats are made in the U.S.A or Canada from healthy ingredients and the toys are "crazy dog person-designed and dog-approved!" 

If your dog doesn't like a toy? They'll send a replacement for free! Might want to check the fine-print there, but that's even more of a reason to fetch a box or give a gift to your dog-loving amigos today! As if an excuse was needed.

3. Super


We've all had moments of surprise repairs and inconveniences when it comes to home care. Super is a concierge service for just that and it almost doesn't seem real. Packages range from $25-$150 a month, a little less if paid annually, providing different levels of on-demand home repair. Use-case examples include fixing, or in the worst case, replacing, appliances, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, ductwork, and more.

Requests for service can be made immediately from the app if you live in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, and Illinois. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York are the next to roll out! 

4. Bizly


For a while, B2B SaaS companies were going to market with their next big idea to be the "Uber" of a new industry. That's still working, but Bizly has moved on to being the "Airbnb" of corporate meeting spaces.

Bizly has the best space mapped out for you, so all choosing a meeting place requires is browsing through their suggestions and seeing which fits your needs and/or budget. They specialize in last-minute reservations and have a la carte amenities for purchase as well.  

5. VillageLuxe


Share a closet with friends in your city that you've never met. What a cool concept! Beautiful designer items are purchased, worn, and then sadly hang, competing for their owner's affection throughout the rest of the year only to be left in the closet for months on end. What happens when these clothes aren't being worn?

VillageLuxe is answering that question with this closet rental service where clothes can be posted for rent and rented from others. It's like Rent the Runway, but from individuals who have made their own purchases and are renting independently.  

6. Dwell


This Pinterest-like online community started as a magazine and now provides a place for design ideas, sharing, and support. From designer features, lessons on aesthetics, and rennovation ideas, this artsy rabbit hole isn't difficult to explore. Story archives within Dwell can inspire your own ideas which can also be shared through collaborations with other dwellers or inquiries about shared projects. 

Get lost in your passion for design and find out the possibilites they can create.

E-commerce is accelerating business at a rate we can barely keep up with. Online business is constantly pushing the market to new limits new and exciting ideas on the horizon - some we never even knew existed

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