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5 Simple steps to solving your US-EU safe harbor problem: Overview

By now, you’ve probably heard about the latest ruling in the EU over the Safe Harbor of customer data with the US.

Well, on October 6, 2015, the US-EU Safe Harbor was repealed by the highest court in the EU making it infinitely more difficult for business to carry on as normal when it comes to communications between the US and EU.

US-EU Safe Harbor Repeal

From 2000—October 2015, this framework helped global businesses within the EU and US to exchange data understanding that organizations knew they needed to provide the adequate privacy protection as defined by the Safe Harbor Directive. Now, doing business across the pond is much, much different. 

The EU Data Protection Directive sets very strict limits on the collection and use of personal data. Transfers of data from a Member State to a third country must follow guidelines and have guaranteed protection.

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Learn how using the approved EU Commission Model Contracts will help your company achieve compliance with the Directive and do business as usual!

Step 1. Download, Review, and Customize the Model ContractsSolve Your US-EU Safe Harbor Problem Online

Choose a contract that will help offer your customers the “sufficient safeguards” that the Directive requires. It’s important that your customers receive adequate notice about all data protection!

Step 2: Present the Model Contracts for Review

After creating the contracts, you’ll want customers to be able to say yay or nay to what’s going on. Making new agreements for contracts is really easy and compatible with your current online communication tools: whether that be an app, website, email, or other automated system!

Step 3: Record Acceptance of the Model Contract

Make sure you have a record in case the EU comes knocking on your door. Show them your customers have agreed, then invite them in for tea...because, manners.

Step 4: Generate a Durable Record of the Accepted Model Contract

File them away, baby!

Step 5: Establish and Outreach Plan

Gather the lawyers round and see what they think is best. Ask questions like:

  • Who wants to know about this?
  • Who should we tell about this?
  • How do we tell them?

And more! Communication is key.

These steps are just the watered down version of the action-plan you and your company should develop to make sure that affairs within your global business model are sound.

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