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5 Shortcuts to Accelerate Signatures Like a World Series Champion

Time travel back to November 2, 2016 when we were all on the edge of our seats watching the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs fight for game seven of the World Series. The teams contended at elite playing levels tying up scores and laying it all out there until Chicago came out on top. We want to help you be the better performing team no matter what game you’re playing in. Accelerate signature rates in your SaaS business by using these five tips inspired by the grit of World Series Champions.

1. Share contracts like Bryant and Rizzo share glances

WS2.pngImage via CSNChicago 

Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo’s bromance was the World Series’ on-field relationship to watch. Rizzo is even going to stand up in Bryant’s wedding. You’ll notice how effortless their relationship is just from observing their camaraderie on the field and in the dugout.

Clickwrap agreements within your site will give you that type of relationship with your customers. Ease of notice, quick signing… it keeps everyone happy! Keep that honeymoon stage with your customers as long as you can by decluttering their life and yours with speedy acceptance that reduces turnaround time by 80%.

2. Put the team on your back like Ross

Image via Sports Illustrated

When creating contracts prior to sending them for signature, PactSafe’s in-line collaboration tools allow multiple people to edit, proof, and comment on the contract being created. This creates a great opportunity for workloads to ebb and flow naturally rather than one person taking on all of the contract editing. When the ball is dropped, you can easily get back into the contract and edit, or know that teammates will be able to help on that same project.

David Ross’ defense in the fifth inning allowed the Indians to score. The runs scored during the extenuating circumstances that were game 7’s fifth inning, were soon redeemed by Ross. His solo homer in the sixth made up for the error and got his team back on track to rally at the plate. Sounds like that in-line collaboration worked for everyone!  

3. Lay the "Aroldis Chapman" down on your signatures

Image via WTOP

While 2.2 innings is a little more than Aroldis Chapman typically throws as a closer, he was able to maintain his 102-mph fastball in Game 5, with four strikeouts in those innings. Legal Systems of Record are very much like Chapman in the sense that they are consistent with their most relied upon skill: getting signatures as quickly as possible.

Faster business transactions enhance customer experience by providing online signatures just like e-commerce. Increase sales conversion rate as much as 19% and bask in higher sales numbers.

4. Be a game changer, like Zobrist

Image via USAToday

Upon gaining acceptance, agreements are immediately filed away. PactSafe automagically creates tamper-proof, time-stamped digital records stored away to save the day if the need to prove a customer agreement ever arises in court. They shut the game down quickly and give companies who find themselves in a bind the opportunity to move on to greater things.

Ben Zobrist’s double to left field in the top of the 10th batting in the Cub’s 7th run to break the tie with the Indians. That game changer was history, if that didn’t happen, we very well may still be in extra innings. Cue a few more rain delays.

5. Prepare for what’s next

Image via Chicago Business

Having an understanding of where the future is going plays a huge part in surviving throughout our current digital transformation. 70% of enterprises will have an e-signature initiative by 2017. (Spoiler Alert:) that’s right around the corner. Establishing a foundational understanding of this initiative throughout your company internally, and within your applications and on your website helps to fight that battle before it arrives.  

Joe Maddon acted similarly when he jumped on board as Manager of the Chicago Cubs in 2015 winning manager of the year after pushing the Cubs to their first appearance in the NLCS since 2003. He laid that foundation in 2015 which eventually led to the Cubs 2016 World Series victory in their 145th season for the franchise.    

Skip the “lovable loser” title and go straight to being ahead of the game by accelerating signatures now and operate your business at lightning speed from here on out. Try it out for free!

New Call-to-action Statistics in this article are references to the IDC Mobile Worker Forecast.  

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