5 Awesome Ways PactSafe Can Save You Money

We would be doing you a disservice if we tried to offer a product that we didn’t love. But we’re not about that, and, we LOVE PactSafe and the solutions it offers our customers. That being said, one practical thing PactSafe does is save users’ money. If that doesn’t pump up your jam, not sure what will.PactSafe can help you save (and make) money with these 5 awesome ways:

1. Winning chargeback disputes

E-commerce companies experience what’s called a chargeback when credit-card holders successfully dispute a charge on their bill in order to get a refund from an unauthorized charge or a failed order delivery. This puts e-commerce teams at a disadvantage because as long as credit-card companies clear the way for the chargeback, it goes through.

Of course, if a company screws up, they should be held accountable for the loss. Using PactSafe generates records of all online transactions within your app or on your website automatically. That’s more than enough information to take back to a credit-card company to help prevent costs associated with chargebacks. Having these records can save e-commerce merchants $6.7 billion this year alone.

2. Improving your top line sales contract turnaround time

While sale’s cycles vary, it’s no secret that faster contract turnaround can positively affect your top line. PactSafe puts published contracts in customers’ inboxes allowing same-day signing and automatic proof of acceptance. Easily signed contracts means closing deals quicker and more often. That’s a recipe for increased revenue and a decrease in contract turnaround time.   

3. Eliminating legal hour costs

In cities, lawyers tend to run about $200-$400 an hour, with additional charges for expertise. When customers sue, especially when it involves online data, lawyers will have to be around quite a bit to confer with IT departments data mining to discover what records need looked over.

PactSafe keeps automated records so all the evidence is at your fingertips to provide the court evidence of what a customer agreed to or purchased on your website without blinking.

4. Squashing potential litigation and lawsuit costs

See #3 and add the average costs incurred from a class action lawsuit - you get upwards of $4M or more. Without records of online customer acceptance of terms, that could be you.

5. Just saying no to shredders

Business shredding services can cost a flat rate of $125 per bin, a 2-bin monthly charge of $65 a plus $16 any time you surpass what your bin can hold. Pushing paper, especially records requires this type of service for legal, secure, elimination of sensitive documents. If your company needs, let’s say 4, bins of paper shredded a month, that’s $1560 a year just to get rid of paper. Budget is budget no matter what the cost, and digital records don’t need to be shredded because they’re already time-stamped and tamper proof. With PactSafe - shredding paper is a thing of the past.

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