4 ways trading paper contracts for eSignatures will change how you work

Choose eSignatures over paper, today!Organization is vital to success. We are always looking for ways to communicate better, maintain focus, and collaborate efficiently. Closing deals is how you make money; however, trying to make money amidst disorganization is chaotic. 

Automation is the root of of organization because you don't have to think about it. What would you do if the contracts you created and signed were safely filed away for you?

Trading paper contracts for eSignatures can help you get there, AND it will completely change the way you work.

1. Buying paper becomes irrelevant

Paper and printing expenses can really add up, but with eSignatures, this expense is eliminated! With the thousand of documents sailing across desks every day, switching to electronic signing would mean getting rid of a lot of paper. 

2. eSignatures are eco-friendly

Executing paper contracts also includes creating paper files for those contracts to go in. That takes up a lot of space over time. What happens when the contract is no longer needed? Is it recycled? Is it thrown in a dumpster? Using eSignatures helps you and the environment as it's the most eco-friendly option!

3. Signing contracts and closing deals is quicker online 

We’ve all been through the process: create contract, print contract, present contract to signer, take contract back to the office, enter it into your records, and file it away. That’s an exhausting process. It’s even longer if the person is not local and acquiring a signature involves sending or faxing!

eSignatures are executed in a click. Actually, PactSafe Transact’s click-to-sign eSignatures are not only signed in one click, but then filed away through digital recordkeeping--exponentially quicker than a pen-to-paper signature. Ditching paper will help accelerate your business.

4. Digital Records create themselves, paper files do not

If your business is still plagued by a past of paper records, you can easily move all contracts into the cloud with our contract management system. Version control, multi-user management, enterprise configuration, integrations, and reporting are all critical parts of moving your business forward. Switching to eSignature will help 

With click-to-sign eSignatures all of your contracting tools are at your fingertips. No paper to mess with at all. eSignatures are just better.

We’ve created our Signature Acceleration Platform to be native to mobile. Read contracts quickly and easily on your smartphone, send them for signature, or sign them with one tap. It’s a completely innovative, legally binding way to sign.

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