Contract Management

4 Tips for increasing revenue with contracts


You’ve identified a customer’s needs and address them with your solution. You sent all your best marketing materials, given your best spiel, and emailed your contact the contract. The sale should close soon. Just a short wait now. So you wait… and you wait… and you follow up only to be told to wait some more. It’s a situation you probably encounter before. Your sales are caught in limbo. How can you prevent this from happening and start closing deals faster?

Optimizing your contracts is the answer.

How you utilize contracts can be the difference between closing a sale and not.

  1. Create your contract faster

There are a couple ways you can write up contracts faster that don’t require you to be a stenography expert. The best practice is to have a dedicated templates for your most commonly used contracts and not allow revisions. There are tools available, like PactSafe’s API that you can use to auto populate common and required fields. Automating this process frees up your time to focus on other things, like demoing your solution to the next potential customer.

  1. Contract with right people

It may seem obvious that while the person you’ve been working with may be the primary decision maker, he or she might also have to send it to another person or department for approval. Instead of forwarding PDF attachments across departments and risking something getting lost in translation develop a clear process. Make sure you know your potential customer’s process for getting something signed. PactSafe allows you to assign both signers and approvers to your contracts.

  1. Make contracts easy to sign

You aren’t still requiring an ink on paper signature are you? E-signatures are just as legally binding and even more useful. Signers are able to accept contracts in more ways than ever before allowing you to contract whenever and wherever you need to. PactSafe is constantly looking for additional channels for contract acceptance. Test a few of them, like text-to-sign and clickwrap with our Instant Demo.

  1. Use contracts as data

It’s difficult to extract real time data from paper and PDFs. PactSafe provides instant access to valuable contract insights. You’ll know when revisions are made or when a contract has been completed. Use this information to your advantage to anticipate and overcome contracting delays.

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