Data Breach! 3 Ways PactSafe Helps Companies Mitigate the Damage.

Data Breach!  3 Ways PactSafe Helps Companies Mitigate the Damage

Data breaches are in the news again. Hotel operator Marriott International announced on November 30 that personal data from 327 million guests of its Starwood Hotels and Resorts subsidiary had been compromised, including passport details, phone numbers, email addresses, and financial payment info.

While PactSafe is not a security system and will not stop a data breach in progress, there are three ways we help companies mitigate the worst-case scenario:

  1. Use PactSafe to Quickly Make Private Policy Updates and Changes
    In post-GDPR world, nearly all new major privacy regulations require clear data breach protocols and notification procedures to be disclosed in your privacy policy. PactSafe not only enables companies to make changes to their privacy policies quickly, but it makes that information available in a publicly-available format and helps ensure all policies stay in alignment.
  2. Use PactSafe to Capture and Document Your User Agreements
    New privacy laws and regulations increasingly mandate documenting all active assents and opt-ins, which require a better system of record-keeping. PactSafe can arm you with third-party, immutable records for every single customer created at the moment of acceptance.
  3. Use PactSafe to Better Manage Your Arbitration Clauses
    Once a data breach is announced, a class-action announcement nearly always follows. While a company can try and rely on a class-action waiver to protect itself, a data breach is clearly the worst time to sit down and review data terms. PactSafe helps companies manage and maintain their arbitration clauses by making them easy to review and instantly update. That way, the focus can remain on keeping them clear and understandable for consumers.

 Don't let a data breach catch you unprepared. PactSafe can help. Talk to us today.

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