3 Tips for Improving the UX of SaaS Contracts

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SaaS companies rely on contracts for recurring revenue. They’re one of the first and most important interactions you’ll have with a customer. They're also a great opportunity to show what they can expect from you in the future. Make it count.

A Google search defines user experience (UX) as:

the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or computer application, especially in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use.”

A high quality user experience is a differentiator in the ever-growing SaaS industry. Successful SaaS companies know this and invest in usability and user experience research, testing and professionals to continuously improve the UX of their product. But what’s next? Well, if you’re lucky, customers start signing up… and that means they’ll be signing contracts.

Improving the workflow of your contracts can improve the user experience of your brand before customers even start using your product.

Here are three tips for enhancing that experience:

  1. Contract where your users are (mobile, app, text)
    Present your contract where it makes the most sense. If your product is a desktop app don’t make users agree via text. Signing up for Cat Facts on the other hand? Go ahead. Mobile app users shouldn’t have to leave the app to check their email and would probably prefer a clickwrap agreement. Think about what makes sense for your users. What device are they using to sign up?

  2. Keep the branding your own
    If users have to leave your app to complete a contract on “SquigglySignatures4U” it might leave them wondering who it is they’re really doing business with. Create a cohesive experience by maintaining visual control. You’ve spent time and money on your visual identity. A designer meticulously crafted every curve and serif of your logo; don’t throw it all aside when you onboard a customer.

  3. Use data to iterate and improve your contracting process
    Contracts provide information. You can see where users are in the review process, what workflows close or where they potentially fail. You can use data to anticipate questions and provide solution suggestions from Customer Success. With great power comes great responsibility - and we hope you use it for good.


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