3 Long-Term Benefits of Self-Service

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As the volume of digital transactions continues to increase over time, IT’s collaboration with other departments - particularly legal - will become even more crucial to the success of the business. Not only do tech teams need to ensure that customers are served seamlessly, but they ensure that the infrastructure back of house is set up to enable those transactions.

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Self-Service Is For Internal Customers, Too

The trouble is, IT/technical teams often find themselves in the position of managing updates to contracts hosted and presented online, despite having your own core competencies to worry about. Without technology that enables legal to walk on their own two feet, so to speak, IT teams won't be able to reap the full benefits of using self-service technology and workflows.

In order to remain competitive and adjust to this more intensely digital age, IT teams need to embrace self-service and enable the entire company, including teams that don't adopt technology often, on more sophisticated technology and processes. This can look, for example, like finding a third-party vendor for managing online terms. 

Benefits of Enabling eCommerce Self-Service

The benefits of implementing self-service are many and varied. As stated above, they service internal customers just as much as external customers. But also, if a business wants to meet the demands of customers while remaining secure, self-service is a great asset to the business. Here are 3 long-term benefits of enabling self-service:

B2B Selling In A B2C World

B2B and B2C alike have to give in to the prevalence of eCommerce. The resounding success of digital companies such as DoorDash and Uber can be attributed to the ability of these organizations to deliver goods and services more conveniently than a they could in the traditional alternative. And to do so, a big part of the equation that often goes unnoticed is having agreements that are both legally enforceable and unobtrusive to the self-service experience. 

Empowered by self-service, customers can transact quickly while the business collects and maintains important legal records that govern the transaction. Plus, another benefit of self-service is it prevents legal teams from needing to participate in wasteful negotiation periods that should be spent on personalized, high-value deals.

Improve Legal’s Technology Sophistication Level

Self-service workflows also give your business the chance for more (and better) collaboration. Across your workforce, there’s likely a number of teams and employees that work in silos independent of each other. Self-service can help you bridge these gaps to work together on contracts – meaning you can move fast and be sure that the legal enforceability of your agreements won’t be compromised.

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What better way to get Product and Legal on the same page? Supported by self-service capabilities, you can be sure everyone is on the same page regarding compliance and evidence tracking. And, through pre-structured standard agreements that dynamically render depending on the purchases of the buyer, you will no longer need to manage updates for online legal terms. Self-service workflows can empower Legal to do it themself.

As the world continues to head full-speed into a future that demands ease and rapid responses from businesses, enabling Legal teams on technology that allows for self-service flows and internal processes is crucial to getting ahead as a business. Helping to elevate legal's technology sophistication level opens you up to new possibilities for efficiently scaling and future-proofing your business.

Providing A Memorable Digital Experience

Everyone is exploring eCommerce and how to expand their digital presence. As you may or may not know, legal terms and agreements play a major role in this online migration. Considering that your team needs to keep hundreds or thousands of daily transactions compliant with all relevant regulations, any initiative that doesn’t include self-service is likely to fail.

Digital experiences have become primary differentiators for many businesses – but even the most seamless, satisfying purchase ultimately means nothing if it doesn’t have the legal teeth to assert its enforceability in court. Self-service doesn’t just make your life easier; it gives your entire business the ability to eliminate a majority of the workload overly complex contracting creates.

Being remembered by customers as someone who makes doing business fast and easy will certainly help you score points in the form of return business. Not to mention word of mouth.

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Clickwrap Transaction Platforms: Where Legal and IT Meet

Building, launching, and optimizing self-service agreements and contract enforceability for your legal team may sound daunting – but you don’t have to do all of the hard work alone. A Clickwrap Transaction Platform (CTP), for example, replaces your electronic signatures with a button click or checkbox to transform terms agreement into a one-step process that delivers multiple benefits to your legal team:

  • The ability to prepare, deliver, update, and audit agreement language across your business
  • A reduction in labor-intensive tasks and legal resources dedicated to the negotiation of high-volume agreements
  • More secure eCommerce transactions due to clickwrap transaction acceptance vaulting and screenshot capturing.

In fact, Clickwrap Transaction Platforms can solve a lot of the challenges of enabling self-service within your business. They are sophisticated enough to manage all the terms and documents associated with a specific transaction completed by a specific customer. This solves legal's headache of tracking agreements across channels, and IT's pain of needing to the terms-corralling on behalf of Legal. 

For more benefits of self-service and ways to enable it across your business, check out our eBook, Enabling Self-Service eCommerce for B2B and B2C.

enabling self-service eCommerce for B2B and B2C

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