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10 Legal Tech Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

We scoured Twitter for our favorite legal and legal tech social accounts to share. Get your knowledge on with these bright tweets by following today!


1. Nicole Black


Nicole Black is a “Legal Technology Evangelist” who runs the blog. She posts a lot of great thought leadership pieces and poses leading questions to get her followers to expand their thinking on current issues and their ties to technology.

2. MyCase, Inc


tweet2.pngThis social account is run by Nicole Black, but focuses solely on web-based legal practice management software for modern law firms. She shares downloadable content and her favorite tips and tricks from other legal tech gurus. Another great place to find legal tech industry leaders!

3. Legal IT News



With 14,000 followers and growing, Legal IT News is the one-stop-shop for all breaking legal tech news, thought leadership, events, and even job postings! Their social handle provides a nice digest for the more in depth info on their website.

4. Above the Law



Need legal or social context to go alongside your legal tech posts? Above the Law provides insight into law firms, law schools, in-house legal, legal tech, government and more. Their Twitter account provides the highlights, and their site has many other great places to land.

5. EvolveLaw



Evolve Law is a catalyst for legal innovation making their social account a gold mine for all things legal tech! We especially like their podcasts featuring CEOs of legal tech companies and their traveling tech events that typically go alongside big conferences in varying cities.  

6. Legaltech News



Another great news hub for legal tech! Articifical interlligience and legal, mobile e-discovery, and lack of tech-funding for in-house lawyers are just some of the hot legal topics breached on this account. These types of updates expand on their site with easy to navigate categories for narrowing your search.

7. Kanye WestLaw


If you’re thinking of attending Law So Hard University, brushing up on this Twitter feed is much advised. Joking. Do not take this social account’s advice!! But, please do join us in chuckling at the tweets designed to read like what Kanye West would do as a lawyer. 

8. TechnoLawyer



Love reading? TechnoLawyer will never have you short of reading material on legal technology, poor practice management, and cool products for your legal needs. Head to their website and subscribe to their newsletters for FREE to get even more material from legal bloggers and the latest news.



So, lawyerist doesn’t focus solely on legal tech per se, but they are a survival guide for law practice! Legal components are naturally interwoven amongst their tips and tricks they share. This social account kind of wraps all the accounts into one: podcasts, social tips, marketing hacks, lawyer jokes and the lot!

10. PactSafe



If you aren’t following us, what are you waiting for? We tweet about things like managing digital legal risk, how to track legal events in your apps and on your website, and industry topics concerning SaaS and e-commerce. This is the best place for you to check in and discover whether your online presence is secure or not. We have lots of articles covering the basics and plenty for more advanced problems as well.

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