Becoming Self-Service

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The time for self-service is now 

The needs of the customer are changing, becoming increasingly immediate and remote. Digital-first businesses are already adapting their workflows and agreements to address the changing needs of customers, vendors, and contractors. Consumers looking for a solution have even less time to wait for answers or price negotiations, and most expect to be able to serve themselves. This is true for B2C and B2B buyers alike. Enabling a self-service flow can help you meet customers, vendors, and contractors where they expect to be met.

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Self-service: Internal Digital Transformation

In order to serve your customer, prospect, or user better, you need to have efficient workflows for efficient fulfillment. Legacy processes like traditional eSignature and manual contract flows, for example, won’t let you move as quickly as you need to while staying efficient and meeting compliance needs. Successful self-service flows encourage cross-functional collaboration and alignment across the business, and depend on innovative ways of thinking about the problem and finding a solution.

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In this ebook, you will learn:

  • The hurdles and benefits of embracing self-service flows.
  • Can your complex B2B business implement self-service models?
  • How to maintain legal integrity without affecting customer service.
  • The breakdown of a contract ecosystem and how to enable seamless contracting.