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The digital age has fundamentally transformed consumer expectations, especially when it comes to the purchasing process. Discover the benefits of clickwrap within B2B agreements.

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Centralize Control of Your B2B License Agreements

Empower your teams to fully control your license agreements with clickwrap. Give your legal team complete control over updating the terms and agreements for your software license, or visualize key insights about everything from terms acceptance to signer information in one centralized dashboard.

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Streamline Sales with Clickwrap Contracts

To scale efficiently, software companies have embraced self-service onboarding, including replacing personalized sales contracts with standardized versions that are presented and accepted during the self-service workflow. Enable efficient software sales and modernize your contracting with

Digital Transformation with Clickwrap
Better Solutions for Software Agreements
PactSafe customers have the tools they need to address their individual business needs.

The features and flexibility allow us to incorporate specific agreements directly in multiple customer accounts, reducing the time and volume needed to maintain all our customer records.

Matt Gard VP of Finance, Formstack

PactSafe facilitates productivity and a streamlined process. The benefits reach across out entire organization and become exponentially more valuable as we use it for additional departments.

Alisha Meehan Sales and Finance Operations Admin. Pondurance

It gives us a lot of peace of mind to know that the thousands of users we have are properly and legally signing our T&C's and privacy policy, given the nature of our business. It's air tight.

Chip Hardt COO, DScout

Create Scalable, Future-Proof Software Agreements
Implement comprehensive clickwrap management to handle the complex needs of self-service software in a global economy.
Stay ahead of evolving legislation with proactive terms updates.
Legislation around software license agreements is constantly evolving. PactSafe enables you to proactively publish updates to your terms and stay ahead of pending legislation.
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Dynamically generate contracts that adapt for the global economy.
Contracting globally is challenging. Legislation varies across regions, so you likely need different legal terms for countries in EMEA than you might for countries in APAC. Implement self-service contracts globally by generating dynamic contracts that can account for a variety of conditions.
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Instantly create and locate records of acceptance.
Self-service contract acceptance workflows are incomplete without simultaneous record creation. Automate the creation of acceptance event records with clickwrap for easy-to-locate, secure, and comprehensive legal records.
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Clickwrap: Software Built for Software Contracts

Transform your software agreements with clickwrap for a streamlined, secure contracting experience that’s optimized for B2B.

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