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High-velocity contract acceptance that scales with your business

Embrace change with the comprehensive clickthrough agreement platform, built by the clickthrough experts.

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Protect your business from legal issues before they arise

Have confidence in contract acceptance for your business. Start finding important legal agreements with ease.

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Tailor legal agreements to your business processes

Make legal agreements simple, digital, repeatable, and automated as you scale.

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Make it easy and enjoyable to do business with you with clickthrough agreements

Make it easy and enjoyable to do business with you

Preserve the experience and speed of buying processes within your high-velocity company.

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Be smarter about the way you power legal agreements.

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PactSafe allows for the acceptance process with the client to happen in a matter of seconds for what use to take hours if not days. The PactSafe team has provided us with many custom integrations that will allow for a truly unique, fully digitized, and frictionless contract acceptance experience for our clients.

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