45 Ways to Use Clickthrough Agreements

Clickthrough Agreements: Not Just for Legal

Most people think of clickthrough agreements as a legal application since they encounter clickthrough agreements mainly in a legal context (“Check this box to accept our Terms and Conditions”). However, the potential applications for clickthroughs go well beyond legal and extend into other departments in your business. After all, their main benefits are to make your contracting process easier and save your entire business time and money.

The clickthrough agreement solution, however, is not only for legal departments. While they can drive a lot of value, a clickthrough agreement solution that is thoroughly implemented and efficient can be plugged into departments all across the organization. Saving time using clickthrough agreements means you will have more people hours and resources to dedicate to the products and processes that are core to your business.

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A clickthrough agreement solution is a vital necessity to businesses undergoing a digital transformation, especially for enterprise businesses seeking to modernize their processes. Digital transformation requires companies to optimize tech stacks and reengineer their workflows to increase speed without increasing risk. With 89% of companies adopting or planning to adopt a digital transformation strategy in the next year, according to the International Data Group, businesses that hope to remain competitive and thrive must keep up. And a clickthrough agreement is one way to start.

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In the eBook, we will show you 45 contracts and related business processes that can be put behind a clickthrough. We’ll also share in detail how various companies implemented clickthrough agreements to provide insight on how it can make a difference in a real-world context. Please note that these examples are all PactSafe clients.