Enabling Self-Service eCommerce for B2B and B2C

Thanks to self-service, there are more opportunities than ever for someone to buy from your business.

Whether you need a ride, a new car, a new place to live, or just need to make sure that last paycheck made its way into your bank account, transacting online and self-service eCommerce has never been more popular. The modern buying experience comes with expectations of convenient ways to accept online agreements and interact through omnichannel capabilities. And self-service workflows for eCommerce are the solution that can make this a reality.

This eBook will help you identify which challenges you’re most likely to encounter, how to maximize the impact of self-service across your business, and why it is essential that you enable self-service capabilities across all teams, especially legal. It also provides a framework for rethinking how you approach contract enforceability moving forward.

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In this eBook you will learn:

  • Why businesses are embracing self-service workflows in 2021
  • How self-service serves your internal and external customers’ needs
  • Self-service use cases and benefits
  • How clickwrap and a Clickwrap Transaction Platform can enable self-service experiences in eCommerce