101 Ways to Use Clickwrap

Every department needs clickwrap.

Clickwrap agreements are the fastest way to collect acceptance to your terms online. If done properly, it is also one of the best ways to ensure an enforceable, auditable trail of acceptances for your online agreements. Clickwrap agreements are used in registration, login, and check-out flows because it allows for minimal disruption of the user flow while checking the proverbial legal box.

A clickwrap agreement (also known as clickthrough, click-accept, or click-to-sign) is an online agreement that users agree to by clicking a button or checking a box that says “I agree.”

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Clickwrap agreements are often deployed to handle some of the most important agreements a business has: from terms of service hosted online within a site or app to high volume employee agreements.

A clickwrap can be embedded on your website, presented via a dedicated URL, or delivered by text and instant messages. They are perfect for all agreement types and are perfectly suited for improving business function and achieving departmental goals. The nature of these agreements demands a higher level of both scrutiny and security, making it imperative that businesses have a handle on not only how agreements are presented and accepted, but how to prove acceptance.




In this eBook, you will learn:

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  • 101 use cases of clickwrap
  • How legal, sales, product, marketing, HR, procurement, and other departments utilize clickwrap agreements